March 24, 2009

Webpage photo updates

The first of what I hope to be many blog posts about updates to my websites.

A few weeks ago, I uploaded the rest of my Wyoming photos, from the 2005 summer vacation Meaghan and I took out West. New pages were created for I-25, I-80, US 20, and WY 220. All were done in the Simpleviewer format I've started to use in recent months. My US 30 and US 287 pages were also updated to the Simpleviewer format. Lastly, I added the rest of my miscellaneous photos.

Over this past weekend, I did the same with my Utah photos from the same 2005 vacation. New pages were created for US 6 (from north of I-70 to UT 96), US 89 (Logan to Garden City), and the US 89/US 91 duplex. And the rest of my miscellaneous photos were also added.

Tonight, I updated two of my Minnesota photo pages. Added 1 eastbound and 4 westbound photos to the I-94 page, including new termini photos for both MN 100 and MN 252. The other updated page was the I-94/I-694 duplex page, with 9 westbound photos from the 2003-2005 widening project.

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