September 02, 2008

Tuesday morning

We got lucky here in Picayune. Drove around town yesterday afternoon and this morning, and all I saw were a couple trees, tree branches, power lines, and one I-59 highway sign blown down. Several leaves and small branches all over, but the roads are still passable.

While it doesn't make for exciting photo/video potential, I'm glad we got off with minimal damage.

Those photos I did take are posted on the website, while videos are posted on YouTube.

September 01, 2008

2:40pm update

Still have power here, though there are parts of Picayune that don't.

Still have tropical-storm force winds in the Picayune area, and we're in the middle of a feeder band that's passing through, so it's a bit wet again. We did have a break in the rain around 1:00pm CDT.

Took a quick drive around town to check on some of our people and to view the damage thus far. Only minor damage in Picayune from what I could tree fallen and a few downed power lines.

Even looks like a CVS Pharmacy and a couple of gas station convenience stores are open, but that's about it.

I-59 is open in both directions...I took it southbound from Exit 6 (MS 43 North) to Exit 1 (US 11/MS 607) during my drive around. Of course, there's very little traffic out on the roads, and between the wind and the rain I was only going about 50 MPH.

Some traffic signals were still operating...mainly on Memorial Blvd and US 11. Except at US 11/MS 43, all of the MS 43 and I-59 ramp traffic signals were dark.

One guide sign blown over...the 1 mile advance guide sign for Exit 1 on southbound I-59.

SunHerald is reporting that MDOT and the Hancock County Sheriff's Department have closed MS 43/603 between US 90 and I-10 due to flooding.

SunHerald also had photos and video up of the storm surge overrunning US 90 along the beach in Gulfport.

Took some snaps and some video while I was out. Am in the process of uploading.

So far so good...

Getting a bit of rain now in Picayune from Gustav, which is about to make landfall somewhere in Terrebonne Parish, LA. Winds I'd estimate at around 40-50 MPH here (of course much higher near the center).

Some reports of power outages around the area...but surprising, reports that crews are out in the weather working to restore power. I'd have expected them to wait until conditions died down this evening before heading out. I know I am, though I might still head out to the car and shoot some pictures if I can do it without drenching my camera.

Already a couple of reported (but unconfirmed) near the port in Gulfport and another near Slidell/Pearl River (which theoretically would've gone right over Stennis...i.e. my office).

Posting this now as the power flickers.