January 13, 2010

Alexandria Bike Meeting Followup

The city has updated the LocalMotion webpage to include the material from Monday night's meeting:

2009 Year in Review. Which I just noticed is organized via the "5 E's" that the League of American Bicyclists uses.

Meeting notes. Taken by one of the city staff members present. Looking at the sign-up sheet, I was pretty close on meeting attendence. Excluding city staff, the guest speakers, and Councilwoman Hughes, there were 20 people at the meeting.

The Presentation given at the meeting. Of note:

- Page 9, the prioritization criteria the Transportation Commission uses.
- Page 10, FY 2011 CMAQ/RSTP-funded projects. The city originally expected to get $3 million, but MWCOG gave only $2.5 million instead.
- Pages 12 and 13 reference the draft Strategic Plan goals/initiatives associated with bikes/peds.
- Page 17 shows some of the bike counts the city did on the Mount Vernon Trail.
- Page 20 shows planned specs for bicycle parking lockers and shelters.
- Page 21 has the planned 2010 projects, including the locations for the Rapid Flash Beacons that I'd missed catching at the meeting.
- Page 25 has typicals of the planned wayfinding signage. I was a little off on the height...the specs show a 6ft height for the signs.
- Page 27 has upcoming events, including dates and topics for the Confident City Cycling classes being offered this spring.

[EDIT: in addition to the 2008 bike/ped crash maps on pages 15-16 of the presentation, I found this earlier map showing bike/ped crashes between 2004 and 2006.]

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Allen Muchnick said...

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) has formally adopted a sixth "E" for bicyclist equality (or equity) with other road users. You can find LAB's equity statement here:

LAB should be revising its Bicycle Friendly Community criteria to reflect this sixth E. Thus, the City of Alexandria should review and revise its local bicycling ordinances to remove discriminatory and anti-cyclist provisions, such as its mandatory sidepath ordinance (which is also no longer authorized under the Code of Virginia).

CMAQ/RSTP funding allocations are recommended by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board. MWCOG's only roles are to annually report the funding and to model the associated projects for conformity with Clean Air Act requirements.