April 08, 2010

More on the new alts for I-395/Seminary/BRAC-133

Last month, I described one of the new alternatives proposed by the BRAC Advisory Committee for the BRAC-133 project at I-395/Seminary Rd/Mark Center. But at the time, there were no online maps and all I had was a paper copy of the proposed concept.

After some further searching, I found this PDF on the city's website, which shows maps of the new alternative, also shown in the graphics below.

This first image shows the interchange concept in relation to the surrounding area. Of note are both the removal of the existing Seminary Rd flyover, and the traffic circles on Seminary at both the I-395 ramps and at Beauregard St. Both traffic circles are optional, but given the high traffic volumes both would likely have to be signalized even if they were built.

This second image shows a sketched out lane schematic, detailing the turn and through lane changes associated with the alternative. Note that, due to the removal of the existing Seminary Rd flyover, an additional lane each way is added along what is now the Seminary Rd ramps to I-395.

There's also a second alternative being suggested, which can be found on page 5 of this PDF.

Lastly, there's a PDF showing the wide range of conceptual alternatives originally considered for the project.

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Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Interesting project!