June 15, 2010

Route 1 ATL to get new drains

Got a bit of a surprise over the weekend. I've received a few E-mails from the Wilson Bridge public affairs team E-mailed me regarding my complaint about debris on the Route 1 ATL and the clogged drains near the start of the bridge.

First off, right after I sent my original E-mail, a team was dispatched to clear the drains of the debris I had noted. This has been done, though the rest of the sand/dirt along the trail has yet to be cleared up (another E-mail to VDOT/WWB is being sent this morning).

As for the drains themselves, the Wilson Bridge team has known of their tendency to clog for some time. The drain grates that were installed (with the narrow slots) are apparently the ones that meet Federal design standards. The bridge team has been working, and recently received approval from FHWA and VDOT, on a design exemption to install grates with wider slots (so as to reduce the chances of them clogging). Now they're just waiting for manufacture of the new grates so they can be installed, with the goal of having them installed by the end of July.

So this should hopefully eliminate our recurring Active Transportation LAKE. I also hope they don't run into the same problem that DDOT did recently with installing grates in the wrong direction... (i.e. parallel to the travel path)

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