August 15, 2014

Recent Streets.MN endeavors

I've been busy lately on Streets.MN, with two articles in the past two weeks:

Refining an Idea:  26th/28th Streets is where I took a look at a neighborhood proposal for calming and adding bicycle facilities along 26th St and 28th St in south Minneapolis.  I included *A LOT* of cross-sections created via Streetmix to illustrate various configurations. In short, converting both streets to two-way operation between Hennepin and Lyndale Ave, adding a buffered bike lane on 28th, and adding a two-way cycletrack on 26th, all look to be possible.  Whether the city follows through or not is another story.  More likely, what the city will do is add a single bike lane to each street.

Today, I took a look at the Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha triangle area in the Seward neighborhood.  In

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