September 01, 2008

2:40pm update

Still have power here, though there are parts of Picayune that don't.

Still have tropical-storm force winds in the Picayune area, and we're in the middle of a feeder band that's passing through, so it's a bit wet again. We did have a break in the rain around 1:00pm CDT.

Took a quick drive around town to check on some of our people and to view the damage thus far. Only minor damage in Picayune from what I could tree fallen and a few downed power lines.

Even looks like a CVS Pharmacy and a couple of gas station convenience stores are open, but that's about it.

I-59 is open in both directions...I took it southbound from Exit 6 (MS 43 North) to Exit 1 (US 11/MS 607) during my drive around. Of course, there's very little traffic out on the roads, and between the wind and the rain I was only going about 50 MPH.

Some traffic signals were still operating...mainly on Memorial Blvd and US 11. Except at US 11/MS 43, all of the MS 43 and I-59 ramp traffic signals were dark.

One guide sign blown over...the 1 mile advance guide sign for Exit 1 on southbound I-59.

SunHerald is reporting that MDOT and the Hancock County Sheriff's Department have closed MS 43/603 between US 90 and I-10 due to flooding.

SunHerald also had photos and video up of the storm surge overrunning US 90 along the beach in Gulfport.

Took some snaps and some video while I was out. Am in the process of uploading.

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