September 01, 2008

So far so good...

Getting a bit of rain now in Picayune from Gustav, which is about to make landfall somewhere in Terrebonne Parish, LA. Winds I'd estimate at around 40-50 MPH here (of course much higher near the center).

Some reports of power outages around the area...but surprising, reports that crews are out in the weather working to restore power. I'd have expected them to wait until conditions died down this evening before heading out. I know I am, though I might still head out to the car and shoot some pictures if I can do it without drenching my camera.

Already a couple of reported (but unconfirmed) near the port in Gulfport and another near Slidell/Pearl River (which theoretically would've gone right over Stennis...i.e. my office).

Posting this now as the power flickers.

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