June 15, 2011

Open and closed

A few photos from a bike ride I took this past Saturday to check on some bicycle infrastructure projects and items.

CLOSED: the new bike/ped connection across Cameron Run and the Beltway at Telegraph Rd. VDOT had said at this month's Alexandria Transportation Commission meeting that it'd be open by now...but I guess not.

OPEN: though not official yet, the new bike/ped underpass under Eisenhower Ave at Cameron Run is open.

CLOSED: there used to be a tunnel under Telegraph Rd, the Blue Line, and the CSX tracks, connecting Mill Rd to Duke St. It has been permanently closed as part of the Telegraph Rd bridge widening over the tracks (seen above). A new trail on the widened bridge will eventually replace the tunnel.

OPEN: though not bike-related per-se, it fits in with the open/closed theme of this post. Also the first instance I've seen of Fiat in the U.S.

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